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Family Groups

Our school prides itself on its warm, family atmosphere and all children join family groups that are led by our Year 6 pupils and class representatives.

The groups promote the importance of citizenship, particularly the importance of rights and responsibilities in modern Britain.

The groups provide an important opportunity for children to independently express their views and share thoughts and ideas.

Children’s worries or concerns about bullying are discussed and the groups represent our children’s views on improving school provision and support.

Family Group Meeting 

To prepare for Mental Health Week, the children discussed what they had done to stay mentally healthy.

The children also discussed whether all families are the same and whether boys and girls should be treated differently. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed their first whole school Family Group session after a long time of working in 'bubbles' due to COVID-19. 


The class representatives led discussions on 'How we remember knowledge'. The Year 6 children supported the younger children. 


"Practice helps us to remember new knowledge."


"We use our connected knowledge to help us learn new knowledge."


"Our teachers use knowledge checks to see what we already know before we start learning something new. Once we have finished learning something new, we complete the knowledge checks again to show that we have understood and remembered new knowledge."



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