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Class 5 Gallery 

Our Classroom

Sports Day

Class 5 took part in lots of fun races for Sports Day. The children took part in sprinting, hopping and skipping races. The children also raced to make the longest chain!  

Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Athlete, Ayaz Bhuta

Mentally Healthy Week

The children enjoyed a visit from Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Athlete, Ayaz Bhuta. They had a 'zoom' assembly and had the opportunity to ask Ayaz questions throughout the morning. After the assembly, the children took part in circuit training, led by Ayaz. 

The children in year 5 and year 6 spent the week being active, getting creative and taking notice. They particularly enjoyed spending time looking at the clouds and spotting the different shapes they made. 

Responding to music in art

Whilst listening to classical music from the composer Mozart, the children expressed how the pieces made them feel in their sketch books. 


To help stay mentally and physically healthy, all children in year 5 and year 6 have been taking part in Yoga sessions at playtimes. 

Glockenspiel Club

During glockenspiel club, the children learnt a wide variety of songs ranging from traditional nursery rhymes to Oasis pop music.



The year 6 children enjoyed their return to music lessons as part of the Wider Opportunities programme from NY music services. Mr Morgan was impressed with how much musical knowledge the children could remember from their lessons prior to lockdown. Well done year 6!

During French lessons, the children have been learning all about the different seasons and the key vocabulary they would need to know. 


The year 5s enjoyed their first music lesson as part of the Wider Opportunities programme from NY music services. Mr Morgan was very impressed with their concentration.


The children have been enjoying the sunshine and fresh air with extra Fitness sessions. The children encouraged each other to try their hardest and continually improve.


As part of our work in science, the year 5 and 6 children have been learning to classify animals using a classification key.

Supporting the local community 

Zoom call with the local vicar

We were invited to create some spring cards and poems to support older people in our locality living alone during lockdown.

Our local parish Vicar, Stephen McCaulay, spoke to the children via zoom about the theme of ‘sacrifice’ in the Bible.

Class 5 Skip-a-thon!

Poet Workshop

Design Technology

The children took part in an online Zoom workshop with the poet Chris White. It was great fun!

The children were designing and making purses using a range of stitches and fastenings in D&T.

Children in Need

The children all took part in the 'Joe Wicks 24 hour PE challenge'. 


In science, the children have been learning how to join different components in electrical circuits. 


The children enjoyed lots of Christmassy activities during the final week of term.


Anti-Bullying Week

The children have created some beautiful autumnal pictures, using oil pastels to create texture in their artwork. 

To mark the beginning of Anti-Bullying Week, the children all wore odd socks to show that everyone is an individual. 

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